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Продам Частные объявления о продаже ПК, комплектующих и всего, что с ними связано.

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What to know before using robotic vacuum cleaners

The robot vacuum cleaner helps our busy and modern life become easier than ever. With a smart gadget, everything seems to be simple – you just need to set time and cleaning plan on your phone or table, then the dusty house is automatically cleaned up within 60 minutes.

For new users, they might think that all robotic devices are equally smart. In fact, different models from different brands have their own pros and cons, even the best rated vacuum cleaner . Choosing a robotic gadget is mostly based on its significant features: sensors, navigation, virtual walls, mapping technology, automatic charging, etc.

Benefits of robotic vacuums:
  • Time-saving: The ability to work automatically of this vacuum type help users to save lots of time for their family.
  • High efficient: The robotic vacuum is capable of vacuuming even corners and under furniture like beds, sofas, cabinets…, making your home thoroughly clean.
  • Intelligent controlling: Modern robotic vacuums are supported with Wi-fi connection, meaning that you can program, supervise and control the machine on your smart device such as mobile phones or tablets.
Drawbacks of robotic vacuums:
  • High cost to buy: According to many vacuum cleaner ratings, a good gadget should cost at least $200 and more, depending on different functions of different models and brands.
  • Limited operating surfaces: Mainly designed for flat surfaces, the robotic vacuum cannot move up to high places or on cars, so human intervention is needed to vacuum shelves, ceilings, upstairs and downstairs.


Should we use the device often or not often?

Many people after spending a huge amount of money to buy the best vacuum cleaners in the world, they use it cautiously because they are afraid of machine damages if running it too often. However, a smart device should be operated regularly to ensure it is running well. If left unused for a long time, you may not know what factors can affect its performance and battery life (moisture and mould, dust, insects…)

Battery charging concerns

Some robotic vacuums are designed with auto docking/ re-charging when the battery is low, that is why many users do not pay much attention to the battery status.

During charging time, in fact, the robot tends to unplug when the battery is not yet full in order to complete its programmed tasks. This makes its operation less productive because the battery turns low soon, and it has to return to the charger station more often for recharging. It is therefore recommended to make sure the machine fully charged before running, which helps extend its battery life and achieve high cleaning efficiency.

Another concern regarding the battery is using the same charging port and accessories for different robots without caring about the device compatibility. Some cheap products can harm the device, so it is always advised to buy genuine parts (with genuine symbol), especially the charging dock and battery.

Where to store the robotic vacuum?

As a smart device, the robotic vacuum cleaner can easily get broken if not maintained properly. Never store it in humid places or in locations with combustible materials such as gasoline, alcohol, ashtrays with burning cigarettes, etc.

The most important thing: Read the instruction manual carefully before use.

In summary, each smart device should be used and stored in the proper manner so as to remain its good performance and battery life, even the ones with the top best vacuum cleaners reviews. With the above tips, we hope they are useful for you before operating your robotic vacuum cleaner.

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